Frequently Asked Questions

Remodeling your kitchen with us is an excellent way to have a better, more convenient life. With all the benefits it could give you, you would surely be thankful working with us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Always start by setting your goals. Although it might be difficult to decide at first, you can begin by getting ideas from various pictures. You can take a photo of a real kitchen, like your friends’ houses, cut out pictures from magazines, and save pictures from the internet. Doing these simple things can inspire you on what you want to do for your kitchen remodeling project.

Cabinets. They could cost you $15,000 on average. They are considered one of the foundational aspects of your kitchen since they are commonly used to store food, and they can make the kitchen more spacious, giving the homeowner more room to move freely.

The average kitchen remodel in Tallahassee takes 6-8 weeks, and a more complex or wider kitchen can take 10-12 weeks. However, our team can make it faster as we have developed an efficient system making the job much faster and more effective.

Generally, it could cost you between $2,500-$24,000. However, most new makes and models range from $4,000-$13,000 per piece, and it could even go higher depending on the type, materials, and features you want. If you are eyeing a customized cabinet, it could cost you more.

Our professionals recommend spending 3-5% of your home’s value to upgrade your kitchen. So if your home’s value is around $500,000, you should prepare about $15,000-$40,000. It might sound expensive, but after the project, you will see that it is an excellent upgrade because of the ROI that it could give you.

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