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When it comes to kitchen installation, you can always trust Kitchen Install Tallahassee to make you, our clients, the heart of the project. We will work closely with you by visiting your abode and discuss how you want your kitchen to be. We like to know how you envision your kitchen according to the way you cook, use the space, and design you have in mind. If necessary, our designers can help you refine your preferences by presenting other projects. Because we at Kitchen Remodel Tallahassee only want to provide our clients with the ideal kitchen that will suit their needs, space, and goal.

Kitchen Install Tallahassee 

After finalizing the kitchen design, leave the rest to us while our team of skilled fitters proceeds with the kitchen installation. The best Kitchen Install Tallahassee experts are well-trained and instructed to work effectively and to give only the best result.  

Here’s what to expect during kitchen installation:

Removal of the Old Kitchen - It’s time to say goodbye to your old kitchen. We will make sure to apply a systematic approach when removing your old kitchen. To make demolition easy, we will remove the cabinet door first, followed by the doorway and window trim. After that, we will turn off the power supply to remove appliances and lighting fixtures safely. Outdated plumbing will be removed and replaced. 

Replace or Install New Electrical Cables - If your wiring does not meet the required electrical code, it is necessary to replace all. Settle on upgrading your circuit breaker box if needed.  We will place a dedicated circuit on each appliance. We can also do other electrical jobs during the kitchen installation process.

Painting the Kitchen - Our painters will only use quality brand paint and the right paintbrushes in painting your kitchen. They will paint the walls first before installing the cabinets. To add finishing touches, we recommend applying two coats.

Install Kitchen Floors - Our builders can install floorings before or after cabinets are installed. Choose the type of flooring you prefer: Cork flooring, Bamboo flooring, Recycled carpet, Linoleum flooring, or Eco-friendly wood flooring. If you are looking for a different type of flooring, our staff will be delighted to source it out for you.

Install New Cabinets - With our professional cabinet installers, we guarantee that the cabinets are precise, smooth, and installed accordingly. Wall cabinets and base cabinets will be secured to each other and aligned.

Choose and Install Countertops - We can customize countertops. The best types of countertops available are Quartz, Granite, Marble, Laminate, Solid Surfacing, Recycled Glass, and Butcher Block. Whatever you choose, we make sure that it has passed quality assurance. Each can also resist stains, cuts, heat damage, abrasion, and impact. 

Install Splashback - Choose splashback that you think will add texture to your kitchen. Here are some of the best material ideas for kitchen splashbacks: Tiles, Glass, Mirror, Composite Stone, Metal, and Wallpaper. They come in different styles, patterns, and functionality. We will take extra care in installing splashback. 

Inspection - Before welcoming you to your new or remodeled kitchen, the Kitchen Install Tallahassee team of professionals will inspect your dream kitchen.

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