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Adding color or changing the existing color scheme is the best and cheapest way to revamp the kitchen. There will be no renovation or no construction involved. It will just be some new paint and a brush. Kitchen Paint Tallahassee has the best paint colors to help you achieve a more vibrant kitchen. Whatever your color preference, we have a variety of kitchen paint color ideas, design ideas, and tips to guide you.

The kitchen is the most commonly used area in a house every day. Because it is susceptible to food, smoke, grease, and stains, it is necessary to paint the walls more often than those in other areas. To breathe new life into space, Kitchen Paint Tallahassee will paint your kitchen and cover stains and dirt to make it more pleasing. 

There are several factors you should consider if you want a brand-new paint for your kitchen. When evaluating the cost, a painter needs to know the size of the space to paint and the number of coats required. If there will be a lot of prep work, patching, and sanding, this might contribute to the increase of the cost. The painter can help you determine the measurement of the surface area for painting. To get the total square footage, each wall will be measured by its length and width.

Our team will start doing prep work by removing or transferring any appliances not installed into the cabinetry. This also includes rolling carts and moveable shelves. It is also important to clean the walls to remove smoke or grease build-up. We will put patches to any holes while we tape off baseboards, cabinets, and ceilings. 

Achieving your dream kitchen is Kitchen Paint Tallahassee’s number one mission. That is why we suggest opting for primer. Not only does it adhere to a better new surface, but it can also smoothen the transition of colors, from a dark one to a light one and vice versa. Primer is not necessary if you will use the same or similar color palette. Oil, latex, and pigmented shellac are the three types of primers, and each has advantages on its own. Our painter can help you choose which one will work best.

There’s a full range of colors for your kitchen paint. Our team of experts can help you with which one will work best in your space.  For larger kitchens, darker and warmer colors will suffice. If you have a small space, choose a light color with a cool tone to make it appear larger. Light colors can also lighten and brighten dark kitchens. On the other hand, light tan or pale gray helps in hiding dirt and smudges. They can also make your kitchen have a cozier feel.

Kitchen Paint Tallahassee offers the three general categories for wall paint. They are latex, oil paint, and urethane-based paint. Most of our customers choose latex paint as it is easy to mix and has a variety of colors. For richer tones and longer-lasting paint, choose oil-based paint. Urethane-based paint is used for high-use surfaces like flooring. Choose the type of finish you want for your kitchen. They range from the matte finish (tend to be flat) to glossy finish (tend to be glossy).

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